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About This Game

Welcome to the Astral! You are here to defend the portal! Use your determination and reaction skills to repel the demons that want to invade our world! Slow down the time, 5d3b920ae0

Title: VR Journey
Genre: Action, RPG, Simulation
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 or similar


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Do Not Buy. Not worth $0.10c.. This was fine for an alpha build. If they don't fix the bow function to a pull/release style, or at least provide some options for the bow like Holopoint has given us, I will not come back to play this on release. Overall it was neat, but whoever thinks designing the controls in a new and unique fashion would be good, does not understand what the player base wants and should heed the advice of the community. Please fix a.s.a.p. Also, the game was 100% reliable at crashing if Paused. P.S. If you haven't figured out the controls yet; -Notch the arrow with the Trigger button -Pull back -Slide your thumb from top to bottom on the pad .sometimes it doesn't work.. I do wish that steam's review system allowed for a star rating rather then just yes or no. I'd give this 3 stars tops, probably more like 2.5 stars. not low enough for me to say "dont get it" not high enough for me to say "get it for sure" Here's a more in depth view of it I'll start with the dislikes, and end with the likes to end on a good note. I would highly suggest reading the likes, and not stopping on the dislikes, because theres good reason I left a positive and not negative review. First, Arrows: you have your choice between two types. explosive and non explosive (plasma ball type). The non explosive ones are too much of a PITA to use, if the game required them, I would warn people away. These non-explosive arrows form a plasma ball once you shoot, which really hides the subtleties of actualy aiming. they are *much* harder to work than normal arrows because they are simply too large once you shoot. The explosive ones on the other hand are wayyyyyyy too OP. A single arrow here easily kills 3-4 spawns if you hit anywhere near them. its close to impossible to miss with them. a finite limit on the explosive ones would drasticly help the game balance. The rain of fire is cool, but lasts long enough to make me bored waiting for the rain to stop so I can shoot at things again so I tried to not use it after experimenting. Bow use: This game is no QuiVR. The use of the bow, nocking the arrows in particular feels off and awkward unless I hold the bow horizontal. Gratned I'm probably spoiled with hours and hours of playing QuiVR. I just dont like the feel somehow of nocking the arrows in this one unless I turned the bow. Aiming the arrows dont drop as quick as I'm used to, but not a deal breaker since that simply took a couple waves to get a feel for. Really the fact that the arrows pivot to nock them on the bowstring is almost a deal breaker to me. they really should be turned to the proper alignment from the start. Controls: too much is on the arrow hand touch pad. moving the teleport to the bow hand would be much much easier to use I think. and the one time I tried the pause buttons on the grip, the game instantly crashed on me. Twice. As a result I stopped playing after wave 5-6ish I think. switching between arrows types in a hurry is annoying with so much crammed into one touch pad. (and not switching to give it a challange without being too much of a pain was just annoying) 2 options on each touchpad is comfortable, 4 options on one is crammed, Thinking about it, it would make sooooo much more sense if the arrow type select was on the bow hand controller, since the text that shows you what type it is is also on the bow. Bugs, I've played this twice and encountered two game breaking bugs so far. one was the aforementioned crashes with the pause buttons. (dont bump the grip buttons on accident.) the other was a wierd bug where the arrows would nock but not release. I couldnt let go of the arrows. The good: I LOVED the visuals. the map is fantastic, theres a suprising amount of depth to it with the stairs. the different platforms provide so drasticly different views as to be really tempting to move around. the mobs are fun looking, armor seemed to effect the non explosive energy ball arrows. granted the explosive arrows kill them at 3-4 at a time. The background music and sounds were decent enough, Port the QuiVR arrow and bow dynamics over to this game, limit the explosive arrows and the rain of fire duration, balance the controls better between the two controllers, fix the crashing on pause thing, and this would easily be my favorite archery game. It's got a LOT of potential, but so far, its got a long ways to go. but then, it IS newly released and in early access. so I hope this review provides usable feedback to the developer. System specs I'm running it on: Core i7 6700k, nvidia gtx 1070, 16gb ram. solid state drive. windows 10. EDITED: added the can't release arrows bug, and better described why the non-explosive arrows are problematic.. Nice looking game, but quickly thrown together with poor mechanics. Also what is with the title? Seems like a money grab. Stay away.. The only use this game has is showing your friends or family some easy archery simulator for 60 seconds. It's actually great to show off, but provides no content or challenge. Even in the store video the user is slinging explosive arrows that have an AoE instakill of all mobs, removing any challenge. If you spent money on a vive and good computer, I highly recommend this for fifty cents. Not worth $3 though. Edit: I just went back and played all 10 levels. There is no difference in any of them besides the number of monsters. This game and developer have a lot of potential, I wish they spent more time polishing this into a full game.. This is an shameless cashgrab to steal money from people that got the VR systems. DO NOT BUY. This game wouldnt be worth it as a free to play game.. The game is broken atm.. 6/10 Good, but a little tedious and boring. No real challenge here for a seasoned VR gamer.. Good Alpha.. Picked this game up for $0.50, the game was really cheap anyway. Good bit of fun, nice to see whats possible with VR.

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