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About This Game

My Sunny Resort – Become a Resort Tycoon

The sky is a beautiful blue and the sun is shining. At the beach, children are playing in the waves while their parents stretch out on their beach towels and loungers. The atmosphere is idyllic – and that's just what you want. Your guests should have the most relaxing stay of their lives. In this tycoon game, you slip into the role of an ambitious hotel manager. Your goal is to become a holiday tycoon with vacation destinations all over the world.

Along the way, you'll meet plenty of exciting challenges and discover countless customization options to provide the very best resort experience:

  • regular updates and sensational seasonal events
  • wonderful decorations for decorating your resort properties
  • resort locations all over the world, allowing you to open beach, mountain and safari resorts
  • adorable animations and colorful cartoon graphics
  • unique bungalow furnishings with a wide variety of themes
  • new items and/or features with each level up
  • virtual friendships with your fellow players
  • limitless fun in an almost magical setting

A Paradisiacal Tycoon

What a weather! So lovely! Explore the fantastic tycoon under sunny skies. Build swimming pools, restaurants and shops, hire appropriate staff and provide your guests with exciting activities. Set the scene for your beach resort with surfboards, beach toys and many other decorations. Use your interior design skills to fashionably furnish your bungalows and impress guests with the manifold activities you have planned. The more content there is, the more guests will come – and the more money you'll make!

Holiday Fun at Home

Open your own holiday resort. Download the tycoon and prove your skill as a hotel manager in this extraordinary simulation game.

The My Sunny Resort tycoon requires a stable internet connection and can only be played online. Accounts for the browser game of the same name cannot be linked with your Steam account. 7ad7b8b382

Title: My Sunny Resort
Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Simulation
Release Date: 3 May, 2018


Quick Update:
In the spirit of why most of my projects have been delayed for so much time, when I am ready to release and go over everything once more to make sure I am satisfied with the final result, sometimes I decide to make a few last minute changes, sound, post processing, etc. This sometimes leads to multiple other changes and I end up changing a significant part of the project.

At the last moment I have decided to change the environment slightly, it felt a little too noisy. Please see the comparison images. I think that in the end it will look better.

Changing from this:

To this:

For full transparency I am still trying to release asap (tuesday) but I am flying from australia to europe on wednesday so if I do not make it by early morning wednesday I will have to push it to the end of the week.

Edit: So I will have to release this after I get to Europe, as there is a little more work to finish. If anyone stumbles here, let me know what you think of the new environment.. Update v1.0.1:
Instead of wraping around an imaginary 3D cube in the space the asteroids and enemy ships now 'bounce' back when they reach the edege. This makes it easier to chase them as they don't disappear anymore but head towards you instead. This also makes it a bit more dynamic as you have to be more careful so they don't hit you on their way back.

• changed the way the asteroid and enemy ship distance is limited
• added the option to settings to not have to hold the VR controller button to keep grabbing the Joystick (just press the grab button to grab the joystick, and press grab again to ungrab the joystick)
• changed asteroid explosion scaling mode
. AstroBlast VR Released:
I am happy to release AstroBlast VR.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

Additional Announcement:

You can adjust your seat position and rotation in the settings with 3d controls:

The controls use linked yaw and roll on the x axis as I think a pitch-yaw/rall scheme felt a little better than just pitch-roll or pitch-yaw.
This is a simple game so there is no need for early access but I would still like to improve or add features as needed.
Some suggestions people may be interested in:
EarthSaver mode (don't let any asteroids hit the earth)?
Distance on the blips?
Blip color based on distance?
3D radar?
Shorter interval between missiles?

If you are not satisfied with something or find something that does not behave as expected please contact me first, on the steam community page, on facebook[facebook.com] or discord[discord.gg] to see if we can work things out..

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