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White Haven Mysteries Free Download [PC]

White Haven Mysteries Free Download [PC]

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About This Game

Imagine waking up, with no idea who you are, in an abandoned building. You have been drugged by a man who taunts you with his experiments, haunting your every step. A nail biting Hidden Object thriller, explore eerie scenes all while testing your wits. It’s up to you to find the antidote, before it’s too late…and unravel the mystery of White Haven.

•Explore Chilling Scenes
•A Nail Biting Adventure
•Mind Bending Puzzles
•Twisted Storyline
•Unique Horror experience 7ad7b8b382

Title: White Haven Mysteries
Genre: Adventure
Gogii Games
Strategy First
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2014


Graphics are great!

Story and ending horrible. Still trying to figure out what the hell I just accomplished after 3 hours. Also, not scary at all. Not even slightly.. Honestly, while I had a certain amount of fun with this title, I don't think I can recommend it in good conscience. The game suffers from an extremely low production values, with most of its sound effects and music being stock, royalty-free sounds and music downloaded from the Internet, rather cringe-worthy animation, average art style, extremely simple puzzles, rather non-sensical storyline, very bad technical problems (the game didn't support the native resolution of my monitor, so I had to play it on a laptop) and an extremely short length (it only took me 2 hours to beat this). I bought it for about a dollar from a sale, and it was the first modern hidden object game that I ever played, so I don't regret my purchase too much. But, all things considered, I really can't recommend it to anybody.. There are issues with this game. Difficult to interact with objects with multiple clicks. It seems to delete the save files too? What!?!. Impression<\/b>: A HOG<\/i> that excelled in atmospheric and the hidden object aspects but umimpressive in the puzzle and features department.

Recommendation<\/b>: Thumbs up. Buy on discount.

The Good:

  • Brilliant presentation of horror in a HOG, utilising atmospheric sounds and creepy animations very well
  • Great voice-acting
  • Extensive number of locations & hidden objects that are well-drawn
  • Hidden objects were well-placed and give a decent challenge
  • Game inventory use is largely intuitive and make logical sense<\/li><\/ul>
    The Bad:
    • Puzzles were rare and pretty easy
    • Short in gaming length: Finished in 2 hours on normal mode
    • Facial animations of characters in cutscenes were overdrawn and distracting
    • Sounds can be very repetitive and irritating<\/li><\/ul>
      The Ugly:
      • Had a fantastic concept of hallucinations that changed the perspective of environment, which was only used twice in whole game
      • Story ending was abrupt and unsatisfying
      • Options were limited: Normal\/Expert mode with increased hint time the only difference in difficulty
      • No bonus content: No achievements, no cards, no epilogue, concept art
      • Tied with the previous point: Absolutely no replayability<\/li><\/ul>
        For people who know their HOG's: <\/i><\/b>

        This game has the barebones expected of a HOG; you get a vague story, lots of hidden objects to find and work your way through. The biggest problem with this one was it really had the potential to stick out as unique HOG (even without the expected bonus features you get with HOG's on Steam), in that it really drew into the horror\/thriller world. The whole game was dedicated to scaring you and keep you guessing to the end. Unfortunately it doesn't keep the momentum going and the ending ends up being a plot hole on its own. Another missed opportunity, is the feature of hallucinations which really tied into the story but again never panned out. Solving puzzles to change the environment to 'reality' was really entrancing, but the game only used it twice (the second being only half-completed). This, with no replayability, is why I recommend the game, but only when its on sale.

        For people who are new\/casual to HOG's (Hidden Object Games): <\/b><\/i>

        This is a game where you tramp around a massive property, finding items to help you as you work your way through the story and the locations. It has sections where you have to find everything on a list (hidden-objects) or have to solve puzzles to proceed.

        This HOG is one of the better ones I've seen, because it incorporated horror and thill so well, whilst many other games in the genre often skimp on. The hidden objects in the game are challenging but not frustrating and same could be said for the few puzzles you do find. Unfortunately, it has none of the bonus features that are now becoming standard on Steam, including trading cards and an epilogue. This game is an excellent example for a casual player and I recommend it.. I couldn't finish the game as my "Save is corrupted", which apparenlty is a bug that was never patched. So unless you intend to play the game in one sitting, just forget it. Too bad, because it's really a good game otherwise.... pros

        + good looking graphics
        + creepy atmosphere
        + intriguing psychological and twisty narrative.
        + easy puzzles ( if you don't want to challenge)
        + good voice acting
        + hidden object elements are fun.
        + hint system very helpful
        + there is auto save
        + i didn't encounter any crushing and bug. game is run well for me.


        - game is too short
        - there are no steam achievements
        - game doesn't drop cards.. The third time I launched it. It told me the save was corrupted and it deleted my profile.. I couldn't finish the game as my "Save is corrupted", which apparenlty is a bug that was never patched. So unless you intend to play the game in one sitting, just forget it. Too bad, because it's really a good game otherwise.... White Haven Mysteries<\/i> was the first HOG that I've played here on Steam, and also the first game that I've ever tried to review. Gosh, looking back to those couple of sentences that I scribbled and called as a review, I got embarrassed. I decided to run the game for a second time after a year - it's not that lengthy of a game anyhow - and write an appropriate review. I remember getting startled the first time that I've run the game, watching its eerie loading screen. I wondered if I've misread the description and bought myself a horror adventure instead of a HOG. Nope, this is a HOG nonetheless, and also a brief horror story.

        Our protagonist is a young woman who finds herself in front of an abandoned Asylum called White Haven at the middle of the night. That's about it, that's all we know about our "Jane Doe". She doesn't remember anything. A little girl greets us at the front gate and invites us in for the doctor who would know what to do. As we step into the old building, the girl flees away and leaves us with a somehow distorted reality. Suddenly, a creepy voice that belongs to a young man echoes, calling us "his rats". Creeped out yet? I know I was.

        Graphics and animations are fairly good within the genre. Background art works are cleverly designed to establish a unique atmosphere of "something's quite not right", and boy, do they manage to do so! The music is annoyingly creepy and background noises such as whispers, cackles and buzzing are always there to play you like a string. The atmosphere is the strongest feature of the game, creating the tension and thrill of the unknown successfully.

        HOG scenes are usually quite alright. Nothing is too hard to notice, and items are always clearly displayed. But there are certain phases of the game when our character becomes "a bit off her head", then even HOGs turn into nightmares. Those games, I wouldn't ask for my worst enemy! Puzzles and mini games are not often, but the ones that we encounter are quite good. There was one puzzle near the end of the game, asking for us to arrange moon's phases in order as observed from earth. Quite neat, huh? Oh, fair warning: there is no map to track but the game tells you when there is nothing left to solve in an area that you are standing in, so backtracking isn't much of an issue.

        I should say that I admire the effort put into making this game. It gives you a 3-4 hours of a HOG and a thrill that drives you insane alongside your main character. Does the ending worth it? Oh, I wouldn't know. It satisfied me enough, but I believe there would be people who'd call it a good story cut short. Maybe. We are used to unsatisfactory endings in this genre, so comparatively, it was great. Sadly, this is not the Collector's Edition, which would have a more complete story consistency, probably.

        It might be important to mention that the game hails from Gogii Games, and their games are always either A+ or a big F. There is no in between. White Haven Mysteries<\/i> was an A+ on effort, atmosphere, narration and HOG gameplay. Pick it on sale and have a few hours of HOG + psychosis thriller that you'd wish be longer.

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