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The Saxon Chronicles Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

The Saxon Chronicles Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: The Saxon Chronicles

Genge: Action,Drama,History

































Set in the 9th century, Alfred the Great, England's most influential and inspiring king, escapes his kingdom when it is attacked by the Viking Horde. Anguished and alone he finds himself in the company of some unlikely friends and discovers the power within to save his kingdom and lead his people to true freedom. A tumultuous tapestry of history and emotional epic saga of the birth of England, "The Saxon Chronicles" is a true inspirational tale of the power of faith to overcome all things.
Jeshua and company did an amazing job of producing a historical mini-epic on a shoe-string budget.

Very film-like look from DV.

Some of the actors are inexperienced, but carry their roles well. Andy Shaffner is particularly impressive, with a strong, natural presence.

The battle scenes shot in Utah did come out looking pretty close to Jolly Old. I wouldn't have thought a cottonwood forest in Ogden, UT could look as European as it does.

I have the DVD and the ending of the final cut is very effective and touching.

I have it from a very reliable source that a much higher budget version of the film is in the works and will be shot both in England and Utah.


Alan Meyer Ogden, UT The Saxon Chronicles is finally here. I saw a screening of this film at the LDS Box Film Festival because my buddies from the SCA were extras in this film. I had very low expectations for this movie, considering all the movies at the festival were terrible, probably the worst I have ever seen. Then there was "The Saxon Chronicles", not to be confused with the campy medieval short shown before. This movie really surprised me. Here we have a film about King Alfred the Great that was shot in Utah, of all places, that was actually really enjoyable to watch. Some of the acting was okay, and no one really had any English accents, which was distracting, but the story was wonderful. I give kudos to the director, Jeshua De Horta, for his ability to undergo such a huge project, with such a low budget, and to the writer for a wonderfully written script with characters that felt real and a script with quotable dialog, and to King Alfred (aka Darin Southam) for this rugged portrayal of the Saxon King. The star of the film however goes to the actor who played Chad, James Morris, he did an excellent job with his role, in everyone of his scenes it's hard to keep your eyes off him, my only regret is I wish I would've seen more of him in the film.

So to summarize: Congratulations Writer, Congratulations Actors, and Congratulations Director...

Shame on the LDS Film Festival for giving no appropriate recognition or awards to this great film.

Cheers, William Dagobert II

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