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About This Game

Pretty casual game made for having a good time through some levels that will be a challenge for everyone. The goal is simple: your robot has to get to the portal with your orders.



-mu: move up
-mr: move right
-ml: move left
-md: move down
-u: use object placed on your localitation
-r3: repeat next command 3 times (could be another number)
-s1: use skill with number 1 ( could be another skill's number)

Commands must be separated with spaces. Example: ("mu r6 mr u r5 md..")

Wrong commands will be ignored.

The portal has to be reached only at 1 time (using only 1 sequence of commands) 7ad7b8b382

Title: Robo-orders
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Dexion Games
Dexion Games
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2017


robo-orders steam

Creating a modern game that uses a command line interface may not be the most well-received idea, but it certainly isn't a bad one. After all, text adventures and menu-driven RPG's are great. So maybe something like this, which requires the user to input more console-like strings of commands (similar to entering commands on a CLI-based operating system) could prove interesting as well. Such a game could make a decent puzzler, requiring lateral thinking and a willingness to learn a primitive in-game operating system.

But it isn't. This game sucks. Hard.

At first, I felt a little bad about trashing an author who released a game that is, in theory, at least very clever. But then I read the other reviews wherein the reviewers correctly accused the developer of cobbling this game together using stolen, mostly pre-written game code designed to assist those wishing to learn how to develop games in the Unity game engine. Not only were the assets and code stolen, but it appears as if the author had no idea to even play the original game, as this version appears to be unwinnable. There are simply not enough commands to lead your robot to your desired location and execute the desired actions. Either that or the "author" simply didn't bother to document all of the available commands. Even if the game is somehow able to be winnable, there are only four levels, which would make it too short to play for more than a couple sessions anyway.

My guess is that the developer simply threw this junk together in such a way that it seemed vaguely playable at first glance, then decided to release and sell it without even attempting to do any playtesting or troubleshooting. I'm all for indie devs making primitive (and even really bad) games, but this type of thing shouldn't be allowed on Steam. It is theft, with the developer shamelessly stealing from both from the author of the original code, and from the users who bought it.

I recommend steering clear of this and anything else put out by Dexion Games, who appears have released many, many ill-gotten titles.

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