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Never Split The Party FULL

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About This Game

Never Split the Party is an ultra social rogue-like! You're one of four adventurers entering an epic dungeon to take down the evil vampir 5d3b920ae0

Title: Never Split the Party
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Legend Studio
Legend Studio
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Bulgarian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Greek,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chine

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New Build Posted! 1.0.6899 : Changed default activate key from Z to F. Added /memory command. Auto port select on dedicated server. Added Rent Server button to server browser. Added server deploy scripts. Fixed dedicated server distribution. Fixed Countess idle frames not playing. Fixed Hawkmoth doesn't work on any floor other than the one you get it on. Added F2 to clear room on cheat mode. Fixed chests moving thru walls, etc. Chests are now solid. Fixed: Quick join when steam not running crashes with no error Fixed exception when using Server Browser when not running under steam. Minimum Player systems. Fixed: Emotes are not synced More work on Challenge system. Implemented treasure room removal for Challenges. Implemented challenge reward unlocks. Fixed wave emote on stairs not syncing across clients. Fixed the sound design on the Arrow, the Lance, and the Paladin. Added sound design to the 4 great sorcerer rings. added sounds to the power ups Added 3 items for the Lancer Class and worked of the beast master sound design. Changed the Beast Masters weapon to a Mace. Added Lancer Class Achievement icons. More challenge mode work. Added tooltips to stats menu. Challenges disableable. Doubled pickup drop rate. Increased coin drops. Added IsDisabled flag to CharacterClass for developing classes. Added the Lance and paladin hammer Fixed the unlocks not saving Added 2 new items for the lancer class: Frost bite ring, and demon's ring Started working on challenge modes. Fixed dead head over the network Added the damage boost to all touch damage familiars when wolf bat tooth upgrade is active. Started working on Lancer and Paladin classes. Console tweaks. Renamed CommandAttribute to ConsoleCommandAttribute Fixed throwing directions getting out of sync. Re-added netstatus command. Optional trimming of cmd from commands. Added ServerBindAddress config var. Fixed player visual facing not getting updated. Fixed carriables. Removed old command and console system. More work on new console. Optimized path finding to not allocate > 150k of memory each frame. Optimize player visual memory allocations. Optimize HUD memory allocations. Started adding new console for Linux server support. Another fix for dedicated server victory crashing. Fixed massive memory usage on server start.. New Build Posted! 1.0.6886 : Turned off jar -> player damage Updated localizations. Don't list started games in the dedicated server browse. Add ping times to dedicated server browse. Added region toggle on server browser. Optional version filter on dedicated server browser. Localize stats on Player Panel of pause and game over menus. Added version filtering to dedicated server browser. Integrated dedicated server browsing. Started adding region locking flag. Add revive broadcast messages. Fixed skully and other familiars blocking bullets. Familiar z-order sort needs origins set. Increased Rockfort distance. Better Dead Head flavor text. Fixed skully origin. Added shooting origin to Skully. Made old man not prompt to go to class select. Potential fix for Pumpking stuck red Skeleton Spawn Circle is rendering under tiles Pierce projectiles should have high sort layer More thorough removing of enemies on boss defeat. Minimum age on touch damage for enemies that spawns so that unfair hits on Mad Night, etc do not happen. Fixed dedicated server disconnect loop and duplicate level loading. Fixed dedicated server crashing. Nerfed spike hit box. Increased timed spikes speed. Fixed pierce multi-hit on enemies with multiple colliders. Fixed credits scroller being stuck mid animation. Fixed credits scroller being out of sync. Fixed controls config not saving, again.. New Build Posted! 1.0.6814.28 : If you'd like to help us alpha test there are steam keys available on the Discord at Thanks for your support! -= Full Change List =- More work on localizations. Added /Localize command to assist translators in testing. Localized Countess insults. Updated localize importing to not insert Default category. Removed Game Manager.prefab More text localizations. Text localization pass. 2nd cut of trailer. Added Turkish language translation to game. Fixed mouse input issues. Improved drop down menus for res and language. Added flavor texts. More localization work. Potentially fixed countess stuck in room bug. Fixed ancient beam attacks again. Added trailer. Added upgrade particles & sound. Tweaked classes. More projectile polishing. Lowered door and pickup delays. Disconnected check on pause menu. Fixed Wind Beast spawning globes outside room. Fixed non editor build. Fixed hard mode reward icon Fixed several crashes. Updated NAT Traversal libraries. More localization work. Tweaked player projectiles. Updated localizations. Don't change resolution when you pick hard mode! Delay main menu on server start fail. Nerfed Wind Sprite and Red Punter movement speeds. Possible fix for familiar cleanup crashes. Fixed Lit Bomb(Clone). Broadcast on /cheat Connection checks on class select and kick. Remove flushChannel calls from disconnect cases. Error reporting improvements. Add game mode to game over screen. Fixed some null references. Fixed ancient beams on client again. More console messages. Increased Key drops. Added /cheat command. Changed familiar despawn code. Fixed resolution select label. Disable exclusive full screen mode.. International Store Pages Posted : We just posted a bunch of localized store pages. We plan on supporting all 27 languages on steam and have a great group of volunteer translators on the Discord.. Alpha Testing Steam Keys Available : If you'd like to help us alpha test there are steam keys posted to the Discord at They are pinned to the #general channel.. New Build Posted! 1.0.6883 : Fixed Bomb not exploding. Fixed ghost position sync. Fixed ghost bullet sync. Increased teleport hit cooldown so that players don't get unfairly hit. Check that spot is empty for spawning enemies from bosses. Increased cool down time on punting and teleporting enemies. Fixed resolution dropdown selection default value. Limit servers to your region. Fixed Steam Invite on initial character create menu glitches Potential fix for rez exploit. Potential fix for dup item exploit. Disabled Dead Head again. Fixed pot breaking on players crash. Changed lobby room spawns. Fixed stealing items from other players hands. Fixed respawn while carrying. Fixed dead while carrying. Fixed dialogs open on game start. Made shooting keys throw while carrying an item. Dedicated server resets when last player disconnects. Fixed potions found resetting on each level change. Fixed dedicated server not connecting to steam.. The Value Update - PvP Mode! Bonus Armor! Lower Price! : The Value Update

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