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About This Game

Multimirror is a minimal grid-based puzzle game. Reflect circles around other circles and take the red circle to the winning point!


  • 50 handcrafted levels
  • Random level generator with adjustable size and difficulty.
  • Full-fledged level-editor
    Create and share your own levels or random levels you generate, and discover brain-melting levels crafted by the community!
  • Achievements, trading cards, cloud saves

Title: Multimirror
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Czech,Dutch,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Multimirror is a very basic puzzle game. Played on a grid, the premise is quite simple – you are trying to get a red dot to a yellow dot. Placed on the board are blue dots, green dots, and black dots. The rules are very simple:

You can flip any blue, green, or red dot over any other blue, green, or red dot, placing the dot you are moving the exact same distance away from the target dot as it was initially, simply on the far side of it.

Black dots cannot be flipped or flipped over.

Green dots disappear if you choose them as the dot to flip over, but can flip over other dots freely. Simply passing over a green dot is not enough to delete it from the board; you must intentionally flip over that specific dot.

You cannot flip two dots onto the same position on the board.

That’s it.

The game itself is fifty levels long, and each level has a target number of flips to get 3 or 2 stars.

These targets are often a joke; in many cases, you can beat the levels in a handful of flips, even though you could use 15+ flips to reach the final destination and get three stars.

My total playtime on the game was 83 minutes, and that’s including the time I went into the options menu to disable to the music so I could listen to music of my own while playing. In theory, it is endless; you can play on boards made by other people, after all. But I wasn't left feeling like I wanted to do that at the end.

Indeed, I was left without a feeling of having achieved anything; the target numbers were really easy and the game itself was largely pretty simple, with only a couple of levels really getting me stuck on them for any length of time. I blazed through most of the game without much difficulty, and, as noted, the game as a whole took less than an hour and a half. I never really felt like I had to try all that hard, nor did I ever really feel clever while playing it. For a puzzle game, it felt remarkably rote and mindless.

I had a bit of an itch for a simple puzzle game, and in the end, this didn’t really feel like it scratched it.. Multimirror is a 50 level long grid-based puzzle game that tasks you with "mirroring" a circle around other circles, in order to hit an end gate. Though the concept itself is interesting enough, the execution is so poor that I can't bring myself to recommend this game to anyone.

Multimirror suffers from a laundry list of problems which include:
- Generic instrumental music which loops endlessly (you only get one track per set of 10 levels).
- An inconsistent level of challenge ("hardest" levels are easiest to 3-star in some cases).
- A lack of depth (you're presented with two new concepts early on and that's it).
- Far too short (I completed the game in just over an hour and I'm notoriously slow at puzzle games).
- BUG: Text would occasionally disappear completely or be totally out of place.
- BUG: Clicking the red circle would sometimes reset the level.
- BUG: Sometimes I only got 2 stars for a level when I met the requirements for 3.
- BuG: The game would occasionally give me 3 star completion of a level I hadn't even attempted, or I had quit out of.

In all honesty, I don't believe that this game is worth any amount of money, especially in the state that it is in. It looks and plays like a free browser-based game.. Game seems good after level 1, then level 2 comes around and you think you've got 3 stars but the game doesn't believe you.. https://youtu.be/QaXR3rnpCHk

Core puzzle design suffers from inconsistent difficultly curves. The lack of an 'undo' option turns minor mistakes into major hassles.. The puzzles were interesting, but had way too wide a range of quality and difficulty in the puzzles.. Interesting, and difficult.. An original logic game featuring a random-level generator and a custom-editor to create your own puzzles to share.. The game was pretty short, contained quite some bugs (see list at the bottom) but the worst of it is the decreasing challenge. The levels actually get easier when you progress. I had the feeling the developer didn't do the math and had his levels not tested on shortest routs.
There were levels that you needed to compleet in 24 steps to get three stars, I finished it in 5 steps. That is ridiculous! The higher the level set the more steps you have to compleet the level on three stars, therefore increasing the number of solutions for the level, making it easier.

The concept is nice, but the game didn't work it out properly because of the lack of polishing.

- Navigation bugs (when selecting a level set for example, the game just doesn't do anything)
- Freeze on level completion (the red circle gets zoomed in, and thats it, no stars, no menu, nothing)
- Number of stars awarded is sometimes two, although it was definitly within the amount needed for three.
- Visualisation bugs, sometimes the required number of steps for three stars wasn't displayed.
- Achievement bug, I never clicked a black circle, though the achievement suggest I did. I received it when I clicked a regular circle. <\/span><\/span>

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