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About This Game

There’s only room for one frog at the top!

Frog Climbers is a party game where you and friends play as rock climbing frogs wrestling up mountains, using all of the tricks in the book to reach the top first.

Be a douchefrog! Grab onto your opponent and use them as a ladderstep on your way to glory! Everything is allowed in love and … uh … climbing!

  • Climb grips, dangle from dangerous vines and throw yourself from spinning wheels in over 260 mountain combinations.
  • Play with up to three friends or alone! Local support for 1-4 players
  • Customize your climbing with 4 game modifiers that alters the rules of play
  • Pick your favorite frog out of 5 available amphibians
  • Alone? No worries! Compete with the world in daily speedruns

But wait, there's more!

Alone? No worries! Compete with the world in daily speedruns. Each day, there is a new mountain. Your journey to the summit will be timed. Beat your friends and enemies! b4d347fde0

Title: Frog Climbers
Genre: Indie
Dear Villagers
Dear Villagers
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2016


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Amazing. It's basically QWOP with frogs. It feels so satisfying climbing up someone else.. a very fun and silly game about frogs fullfilling their love for rock climbing. however it could use a bit more content and an online multiplayer. yet i enjoy the hell out of this game. seriously great game worth every penny to play with a couple of friends for a few hours at a time. How to get Carpel Tunnel Simulator 2016.

No but seriously it is a fun game.. Fun little game. You'll have plenty of laughs and countless rematches before you call it quits.
Don't expect a lot of content or much of anything in the way of customizations. This is just simple fun. Also, I wouldn't recommend getting this game if you're planning on playing it alone.

My main problem with this game is the controls. I don't know if it's just my friends and I, but my hands kind of hurt after playing. I've tried both an Xbox 360 style control (Logitech F710) and the Stream controller. That said, the Steam controller is very difficult to use in the first place. I wouldn't really want to deduct points for this because the controls really couldn't be improved no matter what. For this same reason, I wouldn't deduct points for not being able to use the keyboard and mouse.

Overall, I recommend the game. You'll get a couple hours of fun out of it.. I got this game from some bundle that I bought, honestly can't really remember with what. Possibly Yogscast Humble Bundle 2016. Anyways, I noticed it was a multiplayer couch game. So my friends and I loaded it up. It's honestly pretty good. The gameplay is easy to understand and hard to master. Controls are responsive and it's definitely skill-based. I love the match options and the action ends up being hilarious. If you are looking for a fun couch game I recommend it.. Frog Climbers is an excellent party game, a ton of fun with a group of friends (even those who don't usually play games).

Several friends and I recently played using a combo of PS4 and wired XBOX controllers connected to my steam link and everyone had a great time.

After "Mount Your Friends" was a huge success with my group of friends (especially while drinking) I stumbled upon this game and thought it might result in similar fun. Just over half of our group preferred this game. This is frantic and hilarious action, the random map generation set by difficulty level is very well done and along with the gameplay modifiers makes for excellent replayability.. Ultimate Beastmaster simulator.. Very fun local multiplayer game. Highly recommended.

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