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You can begin by mixing your freshly roasted coffee beans thoroughly with any of these flavors, and you also have the option of squeezing fresh apple, orange, or lemon juice onto the coffee beans to give a natural fruity flavor with bitter undertones - generic flavored k cups.

I should also mention that the recipe is very flexible, so please do feel free to play around with the liqueur depending on how strong you want that particular flavor note to be. With regard to the butterscotch chips, those can be substituted for either white or milk chocolate chips instead.

Black tea , which actually improves over time and can be stored for many decades, you should discard your stored black teas after 2 years of storage or sooner if you notice a visible decline in flavor, aroma or appearance, or if the brewed tea starts to become bitter or astringent or takes on an undesirable flavor - artisan collection tea.

To flavor your own coffee at home, start out by buying gourmet or flavored beans through a retailer online. Again another great way to take this party to another level is to specify in your invitations which alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages to bring. For more information, please visit our website https://koffee-express.com/

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