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Fated Souls 3 Free Download [torrent Full]

Fated Souls 3 Free Download [torrent Full]

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About This Game


Cut bushes, jump, kick, push stones, solve logic puzzles and more!

In this exciting quest, you get to follow Kara and her daughter Dorothy on their quest to find Galahar, Kara's husband and Dorothy's father. Together they will find the true meaning of friendship and courage.

Fated Souls 3 (also known as Kara's Quest) features a entertaining Field Skill system, which makes the game much more interactive. You feel like you're actually in a dungeon, not only crossing a plain map.

Fated Souls series


More dark tales from Warfare Studios

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Title: Fated Souls 3
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Warfare Studios
Warfare Studios
Fated Souls
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2017


This is the final entry in the Fated Souls trilogy. Originally called Kara's Quest, it picks up shortly after the end of Fated Souls 2. Galahar, the hero of that tale has been kidnapped and it is up to Kara, his wife, and Dorothy, their daughter to rescue him. Along the way, they will face old and new threats and in the end seek to save their beloved... and the world itself.

This game appears to have originally been released in 2009. As with a lot of Warfare Studios's products, it has been rereleased onto Steam.. This is a good and short game, and I would have given it a positive recommendation, if there has not been a bug which prevent the hidden achievement from triggering. This shows that there were really no testing on the steam achievements as most of the steam achievements for this game are GENERIC and the only game specific achievement is not achieveable at all.

Here are the details about why the hidden achievement (Defeat the Wicked Angel) cannot be triggered.

I finished the game and killed the Wicked Angel.
After the Wicked Angel is dead, the game goes into cut-scene, and then ending credits.
After the ending credit, the game go back to title screen where you have
1. New Game 2. Continue (Load Game) 3. Exit.

So because of that there is no way to save the game AFTER the Wicked Angel is killed.
If we load the last safe file, we get into the scene before killing the Wicked Angel.

Because of the way the achievements are implemented in this game, the Wicked Angel Achievement is NOT triggered, as it really depends on the load file.

For example, when I have 5000 gold, the steam achievement is not triggered.
However, I saved the game, exit and then load the game again (with the 5000 gold).
During the load game, the achievement for 5000 gold is triggered.

So, because there is NO WAY to save the game after the Wicked Angel is killed, the achievement CANNOT be triggered.

Please fix this bug!!!

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