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About This Game

Love taking things apart? Seeing how things work? Shooting stuff with a shotgun or rocket launcher? This game lets you do so in the ultimate destruction experience!

Title: Disassembly 3D
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Khor Chin Heong
Khor Chin Heong
Disassembly 3D
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Int


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    This is fun for the most part but beware, the game is buggy. I don't know if it's my particular machine or windows setup but I had graphical bugs when playing this game and several items could not be fully disassembled. I couldn't finish the PC or the plane due to parts not unlocking at random and some parts where more then one part connect wouldn't separate thus ruining my experience. I do recommend this game if you like taking things apart, but I don't like that it is buggy so be warned if you do decide to purchase it. Overall I have positive feelings to this game despite the bugs I have encountered.. Cool game, not worth 23, get it on sale.. not worth its price, and also really needs vr support.. Alright, first, if you dont wanna read this review. the answer is: Yes. buy this game, however only if you have the patience to go through an entire dissasembled item to find those last few parts. alright, now for the actual review Pros: -The disassembly is very relaxing -The destruction is absolutely worth the long process of taking the thing apart, especially with the big builds, like the skyscraper or elevator -The disassembly is fairly realistic, if not for some minor details -New updates are constantly coming out for this game, adding new content and fixing bugs Cons: -After disassembling most of an item, you are usually left with a few parts left and then have to look all over to find those last missing pieces -The hint mechanism only appears after some random amount of time not being able to find a piece, i wish there was just a button alwways there when you are at or under 5 pieces -With the bigger builds, a large amount of detail is lost, i know this is for performance reasons, but still -Camera takes a bit of getting used to, i'd day 3 hours to fully master it. -Physics can some times wig out causing the entire thing to dissapear or throw random pieces all over the place, this is especially infuriation when you are trying to keep things organised to avoid the "Last piece" shenanigans Now, i know from the pros and cons it sounds like a bad game, but the pros far outweigh the many cons. anyways, TL;DR This game good. 9/10 Sorry for bad engilsh/grammar, its late at night and im tired i dont know why im typing this.. This "game" isn't really a game, but more like something to please the curious people out there. The only goal here is to take things apart and maybe get a glimpse of how it works. Graphics are decent, but not that good. Reflections seems premade, and when I take stuff away, it still shows the part I took off in the reflection. Sound? Well, what do you expect? Controls aren't nearly good enough. Often I end up looking another direction from what I was looking if I accidentally click the wrong part. Confusing and annoying. Would I recommend this at the current price (25-30 $)? No way! Its an okay "game" if you get it for say 4-5 $, but don't waste your money on this unless the price is off by 75%.. fantastic physics and sound along with the normal things you do with the objects. I like the concept of the game but it is a bit expensive :I Other than that is a great game ,I recommend it.

    Disassembly VR: Ultimate Reality Destruction : Announcing Disassembly VR: Ultimate Reality Destruction! Coming soon for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.. New Weapons Update! More Destruction! : New awesome weapons update! Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenade, C4, Rocket Launcher, and more! Experience more destruction than ever! New Part Finder to help you find those elusive parts to complete the level! New more awesome 3D explosions and shockwave effects! Posable mannequin which you can place in vehicles and crash and blow them up! X-ray glasses let you see the internal workings of objects! New room environment with mountain view, no more boring white rooms! New Custom Graphics mode with adjustable FXAA, TAA, MSAA 8x, SSAO, HDR, Bloom, and Eye adaptation (experimental) Settings can now be adjusted in-game Hundreds of other bug fixes and improvements. Disassembly VR has been released! : Prepare for the ultimate destruction experience! Available now for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift! For the non-VR players, dont worry we are working to bring some of the new weapons and enhancements over so you dont miss out! Also the part finder, which will help you finish the level without the frustration of looking for the final few parts.. New Item Pack 16! - Free DLC! : - New Item Pack 16! Toothbrush, Microwave, Fighter Jet! - Take off, retract the landing gear, fly, fire guns and missiles, eject and crash in our most detailed model ever! - Now you can continue playing even after completing the level for more destructive fun! - Show bonus parts count - Hint button added for when you just can't find the last few parts - New Ultimate Quality setting with HDR, SSAO, FXAA & Bloom effects! Exclusive to the Steam version! - Support windowed mode - Many other bug fixes and improvements. Update 2.4.2 - Bug Fixes and Improvements : We've fixed many bugs in this update and also made various improvements! Change Log: Fixed Hellfire not able to be completed Added colliders to wires so they dont fall through the floor anymore Added screw rotations to all levels Fix screw achievement Improved sounds for all levels Improved direct vehicle steering control to respond immediately Fixed nested colliders not waking up and getting stuck Fixed complex shattered parts falling through the floor Fixed toilet cistern falling through the floor Fixed not getting level completed achievement if you crash a vehicle Stop capturing camera 10 secs after vehicle crashed Fixed the magically disappearing TV Added direct controls to Helicopter and Submarine Fixed black parts on Sidetable in low quality mode Fix Water Heater hose disappearing Added animated F1 starting lights to FIA standard Fix slow motion staying on when reloading a level Increased size of some rooms Improved bicycle model, fixed rear wheel rotation and added front wheel steering And many other minor fixes. Disassembly 3D Released! : Welcome to a world of Disassembly and our first release on Steam! - New Item Pack 15! Fidget Spinner, Claw Machine and F1 Car! Ultra detailed engine, with moving pistons and crankshaft! - New car enhancements, with engine start sounds, brake lights and engine fires! - Airplane and helicopter engines now catch fire when crashed! - New part selection outline highlight for better visibility - Tank and Helicopter levels now have targets for you to shoot at! - Helicopter cyclic controls now move in both axes - Hoverboard now catches fire like the real thing! - Various bug fixes. Update 2.4.3 - Minor fixes : - Fixed level completed achievement not unlocking when weapons are used - Fixed Helicopter collective not getting disassembled

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