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Crystal Towers 2 XL Crack Serial Key

Crystal Towers 2 XL Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

Crystal Towers 2 XL is an adventure platform game inspired by the shareware of the 90s. Join Bernard the monk as he makes his way through the hostile reaches of the kingdom 5d3b920ae0

Title: Crystal Towers 2 XL
Genre: Indie
David Newton
David Newton
Release Date: 11 Aug, 2015


  • OS: XP
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM


crystal towers 2 xl. crystal towers 2 xl

Excellent game. A true hidden gem. Don't look at the graphisms, I know it's bad, not the worst but still bad. But except that: Good gameplay, Good level design, awesome music, good idea, good length. You can't say that there is a story, but it doesn't really matter. If you are looking at a retro platformer, it's the game, it has everything: Level design allowing more than one path like Sonic: Check Redoing a level with new objectives like Mario 64: Check (Plus, a lot of objectives are hard but fast to finish) Secrets: not a lot, but there are there. Collectable and upgrades: Check. A bit of crafting: check The only con that I find are the graphics and some objectives that are a bit frustrating. Check the demo if you are hesitating. There is 33 level with 7 objectives each + 9 bosses.. This game is a nice little hidden gem. Plays with a HUB u00e0 la Super Mario 64. All levels have multiple objectives, you then unlock more levels based on your progression and there's plenty of collectables. Loved it.. This game is a nice little hidden gem. Plays with a HUB la Super Mario 64. All levels have multiple objectives, you then unlock more levels based on your progression and there's plenty of collectables. Loved it.. Needs more love. Its such a solid good game.. A truly impressive amount of solid platforming in this one! In short, if you liked old-school Sonic the Hedgehog but really wished the levels gave you more reasons to explore them more, this game more than delivers. An impressive number of short-form, get-to-the-end levels made all the more interesting by each having a set of nine additional challenges or goals, such as running the level backwards, avoiding all the gems (think coins/rings), beating the level in a time limit, etc. The challenges are surprisingly varied and the mix for each level is unique. Each takes about a minute or two after you've beaten the level once and know its layout, which gives the a great short-session, "just one more run" feel, and there are a few upgrades to be had that will open some alternate routes or areas in each (not so much that I'd call this a "metroidvania", but still). The controls are solid, the levels and bosses varied enough to stay interesting, and for the price I feel I got much more than my money's worth.. Needs more love. Its such a solid good game.. This game is surprisingly fun. I played the free version for a few minutes a couple years ago and it didn't catch my interest. Since I actually paid for this version, I spent a little more time with it. There is a lot more to it than it seems at first. I still only have about 90 minutes in it, but my initial impressions are that it is a solid platformer with a lot of spells/abilities, and a screen full of collectible items that I don't even know what they are for yet. You initially go through a level, and it's realtively easy to get to the end. But along the way, you see things you can't reach. After finishing the level, you can do it again, but with an extra challenge, like finish with > X jewels, don't get touched by an insta-death bee, go through it with a hole in your pocket, losing a gem every second or so. If your gems reach 0, you fail, and several others. Later, on some other level, you can find a spell/ability that allows you to reach some of those items on previous levels. The graphics are simple, but fine for a game like this. The sound is good and level design is good from what I've seen so far. A couple of minor cons: A few of the challenges can be a little frustrating. Like the hole-in-pocket challenge. I had to do it over and over until I figured out the exact best route to take. On the bee's challenge, you can get in situations where you have to sit there waiting for 3 bee's moving around randomly to all be clear of something before you can jump. It was usually faster to restart the level and go a different way (maybe that's the point?) The music palace, or whatever it's called, where you pick a level to play, is unnecssarily complicated to get around in. The doors to the levels already have gem requirements to enter them. I don't see the point in blocking parts of the place off with jumps you can't make yet, etc. The end result is that you don't know if that door you can only see the bottom of requires 6 gems or 25, and will never know until you stumble upon the ability you need to reach the door. Overall, it's well worth the asking price. I will update this review after playing more if I have anything new to add. Edit: I'm almost 8 hour in now and my opinion has not changed. A few of the challenges can be rage-quit frustrating, but it's defintely fun and has that "one more challenge" aspect that keeps you playing. Edit 2: After about 16 hours, the game finally beat me through attrition. There are just so many levels and challenges, and I seem to only be about 60% done. I'm kind of stuck on a challenge (collect the grails) and apparently don't have the spell I need to finish it, but I don't know where to get it. I decided I had more than my moneys worth of fun and moved on. I still think it is well worth the money, even moreso if you have more patience than I do.. Really fun platforming game. It has a nice combination of old style graphics and platforming challenges with a bunch of more modern style item collection, challenges, online scoreboards, etc. Not a game you're going to spend 100's of hours on, but 20-40 depending on how much you want to 100% it. Defnitly worth the price.

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