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A-Tech Cybernetic VR Activation Code

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About This Game

A-Tech Cybernetic is a first-person shooter built from the ground up for VR. It features two separate game modes: a classic swarm mode

Title: A-Tech Cybernetic VR
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 - 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590

  • English

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    u2665u2665u2665u2665 this game. This game looks great but has sooo many bugs and a dev team that appears to have given up. The biggest game breaking bug is the constant lag and screen loading. Im running a 2080 with the latest drivers and this thing performs terribly. What a shame as A-TECH could be awesome but the bugs make the game unplayable.. I definitely recommend this game. I saw it for sale and decided to take a chance as it is not usually in the top list of VR games. This game was a great surprise. I'm running on a GTX 1060 and WMR Odyssey+ and it runs great! No performance issues. In fact, it is actually very smooth. I'm using a custom controller binding profile to allow me to use the WMR joystick for locomotion and it works very well. The game itself is very fun (at least for me). Nice atmosphere and just fun shooting zombies and moving through the levels. So far I played 2 hours and still having a blast. Reminds me of Doom but seems to play better. I love the ability to have full locomotion and smooth turning. The dark atmosphere and jump scares are fun especially when dark and you are using a flashlight to see. I'm surprised that this game isn't more popular. Maybe people want more realistic shooters or zombie games? This is more like Doom in my opinion. A great VR FPS and tons of fun for what it is. I'm glad I picked it up when on sale and definitely worth it.. Perhaps I'm biased because this is my first genuine VR game.. Fun core gameplay, but has awful game breaking bugs. The frame rate drops the longer you play, making it really difficult to enjoy this game. This game has not received any updates in the time I have owned it, which is closing in on a year. This is unacceptable for an early access game.. This is a very cool game with great gameplay and graphics worth the money. but under the condition of having one crippling bug fixed. There is a bug where the longer you play, the lower the fps gets. i assume it's some memory leak bug. usually you will have a solid 90 fps and in about 10 minutes, you will be down to 80 fps, in another 10 minutes 70 fps, and so on until you are down to 40 fps (it does not matter what's on screen). restarting the game will bring up your fps back to 90. until this issue is fixed, this game is unplayable. here is a forum discussion on it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/578210/discussions/0/173771541989740.... Meh, this game was a waste of money. Played it for a little over an hour and never even had an iota of a desire to play it again.

    Boss Fight is coming soon! Check out the WIP pics! : Hey y'all! In the past weeks we've been working hard on Chapter 2 in general and the boss fight at the end of it. We thought we'll show you some work in progress pictures so you see that we're NOT resting on our butts waiting for a miracle to happen ;) So, the boss fight will take place in the Hangar, a very exciting environment, with tons of great places to hide / attack the boss: The boss will have an energy shield & a vicious red robotic eye: .Aaand, rockets ;) So, what do you think of it so far? Will you have fun beating the boss? Also, what do you think is the number #1 most important element of a good boss fight? Or what was the best boss fight you ever had in a game? Tell us ;) P.S. Chapter 2 and its bossfight will of course be a free update to all who already own the game.. Update v0.13.2 - WMR Support! : - Disclaimer: Please note that you SHOULD NOT ALTER Windows Mixed Reality config files (e.g. default.vrsettings) because if you do and move with that configuration the game might break logically. - Hi, It is here at last! After a long struggle with the sad state of the European VR economy and our local customs department we've finally been able to get our hands on a WMR headset. A quick (and painful) engine upgrade later we can now say that our game officially supports WMR headsets . We've also fixed our latest update (v0.13.1) so you can also enjoy those features bug-free. Unfortunately we have a second disclaimer that will hopefully be irrelevant to everyone but the most eagle-eyed of our players: The new Unreal Engine version is a mess. Like really-really frustratingly messy. Upgrading to it broke a LOT of things in the game, most of which are already fixed but there are a few graphical issues (these will require 1-2 weeks of our time and we didn't want to delay WMR support any more because of a few minor visual imperfections) and there could be some bugs that eluded our testing. We're trying to fix every issue in the shortest time possible, but we must ask for a little patience.. Update v0.13.1 - Smooth Turn : Our Anniversary Sale is still going until Thursday, but our next update is already live, containing the long awaited "Smooth Turn" option for both the Rift and the Vive along with another upgrade to the A-Tech soundscape. Oculus controls reworked (turning) In the options menu you can turn on/off and use the followings -Smooth turning with right thumbstick. (This way you can teleport with pressing the right thumbstick) -Snap turning with right thumbstick. (This way you can teleport with pressing the right thumbstick) -Teleporting into any direction kept the same as before HTC Vive controls reworked (turning) In the options menu you can turn on/off and use the followings -Smooth turning when touching right thumbstick. (This way you can teleport with pressing the right thumbstick) -Snap turning when tapping on thumbstick left/right side. (Please note that you dont have to press it. This way you can teleport with pressing the right thumbstick) -Teleporting into any direction kept the same as before Sound effect updates We are transitioning to a fully spatial binaural audio system : -A lot of player, enemy and gun sounds made binaural -Chapter 03 got its nice ambient sounds -Added reverb zones to story levels -Better versions of some sound effects (e.g. barrel explosion, headshots, crystals) We hope you'll enjoy the new features.. Happy Halloween! : Happy Halloween to all of you! As a little treat, you can still grab A-Tech Cybernetic with 15% OFF! *Discount offer ends November 1st 10AM PDT And here's a little insider info for you just for reading this announcement: once the Halloween Sale is over, the base price of the game will be permanently increased, so be fast and grab your copy now before it's too late.. A-Tech Cybernetic VR: whats next? : Hey guys and gals! Our last story updates [Chapter 04: The Surface] reception was absolutely amazing, were glad you guys liked it! Brace yourselves, Chapter 05: The Sundering is coming!. Swarm Challenge Announcement [CLOSED] : Hey People! We are happy to announce the A-Tech Cybernetic VR Swarm Challenge . Valuable and exclusive prizes such as Dead Effect 2 VR and Zero Caliber VR Steam keys.. Free Update: Chapter 2 is coming soon! : Hey guys, We have really good news for you! In the past weeks we've been quite silent as we were working hard to bring you a great Chapter 2 story content, and it's almost done ;) We just need to add a few more things (such as new voiceovers, yey!) and test the whole thing to pieces and then we can hopefully deliver it to you sometime next week, as a free update, naturally. As we said before, we're also working on a boss fight for Chapter 2, but it might not release with this update if it needs more tweeking (we want to make it reaaaly good).

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