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Making a temporary mail service truly comfortable for yourself is not an easy task. It would seem that it is difficult: I googled the request "temporary mail", got a bunch of sites in the SERP, chose a mailbox and went on to the Internet about my business. But when there is a need to use temporary mail more often than once a year, it is better to choose such a site more carefully.
What is temporary mail?
Temporary mail is a service that provides the user with a mailbox address on his site for a certain period. It usually burns out on its own after a few minutes. But, looking ahead, I will say that sites have already appeared on which it is stored for several days.

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A reliable and free service allows you to create a fast temporary email anonymously and without registration. Temporary mailboxes have a short lifespan - from 10 minutes to 10 days. Use them when registering on sites, create multiple accounts on social networks and do not worry about security and anonymity.

Temporary mail allows you to forget about spam and annoying temporary email that come after registering on questionable sites. Quite often, you need to use a site, service, or forum just once, but without registering with an email address, you can't do this. Registration by mail is also often required on file sharing sites and open wireless Internet access points.
If you specify a real email address that you constantly use, you may end up with the problem of a lot of emails with spam, promo offers, and other unnecessary information, among which it is easy to lose the necessary correspondence.

At this point, we come to the aid of temporary mail services, which provide us with a one-time email address for free, where you can get the required information and not worry about any problems that may arise due to compromising your email address.

Temporary mail is an excellent tool for not spending a lot of time registering new mail, as well as temporary mail allows you not to litter your main mail with all kinds of spam. I find it very convenient.

Since addresses on some services pass from user to user when changing passwords, when creating an account on a popular site, it is likely that the mail you are using has already been used there - in this case, you will have to request an additional address. Choose the most suitable service for yourself and use temporary e-mail, this will help protect your real box from a heap of spam and unnecessary garbage.

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