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What I really loved about this course is that he also includes exchanges with girls that aren’t positive. Since he is known as a dating coach, girls can just look him up, and some did exactly that. He shows examples where some girls are calling him out for being a dating coach (a player). Text That Girl these examples, you will see exactly how he reacts to it and even manages to turn it around. These are perfect demonstrations for the guy who is afraid of getting called out on being a player because it teaches him how to deal with it. The truth is, not every conversation is going to be pleasant, but you can always turn it around if you know what you’re doing.



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I never imagined that there are people who seriously pay for such a course)) Ahaha)) All my experience was gained in real dialogues on dating sites. I had stupid mistakes at the very beginning, but I quickly figured out how to make the fish peck)

No one will give their money to get simple advice. There are many online resources that will help you expand your circle of acquaintances very quickly. My wife and I like the idea of couple seeking girlfriend - https://www.nastyhookups.com/couple-looking-for-woman.html This way of diversifying our dates has helped us understand each other better and add a new dimension to our long marriage. we ourselves choose new partners and it's great!

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