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The Snowboard Game Activation Code [key]

The Snowboard Game Activation Code [key]

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About This Game

The Snowboard Game is a realistic skill based snowboard game with natural physics set in multiple immersive mountain locations and snow parks.

You can do many things in the game, ranging from performing epic stunts in the backcountry or just hanging around in the park with your buddies!

Create your own snowboard career in story mode where you meet other enthusiasts and pro boarders that will challenge you to learn new tricks, or get down the mountain in a new way. Complete missions and compete in online events or player created challenges to earn money, fans and equipment.

There is an online hangout mode where you can shred with your friends. You can still do your own challenges and missions separately and see what your friends are up to.

The tour multiplayer is asynchronous so everybody competes against each other in the tour events. They are divided by leagues and divisions and the leaderboards reset every day. Every time you place top three it will save your ghost to everybody playing the event. Everybody starts in the "Amateur League" which will not get you any prizes, so you will have to play the story missions to rank up in the divisions.

If you find a spot you like, you can create a session to build jumps and place props to create a video to upload to your fictional video channel. A challenge is time or score based challenge and can be found by anybody. Creating challenges can earn you money, while playing challenges only earns you fans.

Right now there are five fictional handcrafted mountains in three different mountain areas. Each mountain has a few story missions that will progress the story and unlock new locations, a few online events and usercreated challenges.

The focus of development has been to create natural and immersive physics while still being fun with tight and responsive controls.


Title: The Snowboard Game
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Sports
Let it roll AB
Let it roll AB
Release Date: 24 Apr, 2018


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YOU JUST HOLD DOWN JUMP AND TURN HUH? F NO!!! NOOOO!!!!!! NO way does!!!! This game is actually a piece of trash to you. Since your character is never going to learn, and you are just going to grow bad finger muscles. I play it with the Xbox One Controller, and there's no point to this game. I can go and figure out my guy and do all the tricks, but there's no point to doing that. I hope that whomever programmed this game goes to jail or pays a fine for that. I snowboard in real life and that is not how it goes. Those controls only work the first time, but it gets dumb and tiring. You push left and fall over, and when I board I push left and it goes. What makes you think I'd give you my money to show me little boy♥♥♥♥♥moves. I did all the math and physics one does, and there's no camera or use to this game. I am going to use my power to dispute charge. I hope you go to jail because snowboarding...DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. Instead you change through a stance, and in this its....launch man. Sorry dispute charge.. This book CAN be judged by its cover. The *snowboarding* here is a beautifully made virtual take on the real experience. If you're into that sort of thing, buy it! I am, I did, no regrets.


I'll make an edit here, three weeks later. Disregard my rambling below. I leave it up for clarity\/transparency but none of this matters, really. This game has the best and truest snowboarding you can experience at home.<\/i>

I think this gem also shoots itself in the foot by being too much of a game and too little of a toy. In order to progress, to unlock new mountains, you have to... I don't know what. Gather XP, win challenges? It doesn't tell me. All I know is that those very specific challenges - do a race in under a certain time, do a Melon that scores 400 points, do this'n that, busywork, try again - are in stark, annoying contrast to what seems to and easily could be the core of "The Snowboard Game".


It's good. Get it.. I can't believe this was developed by one person. Everything about this game is just mind blowing. Graphics, animations, physics, you name it!
No snowboarding title comes even close.

It's been a while since any update news have been posted on Steam, however; this game is very ACTIVELY DEVELOPED. New features/tweaks pop every week on experimental branch and the developer is addressing any surfacing issues very quickly on Discord.

Highly recommended!. Finally a sports game trying to go in the simulation direction instead of arcade. I love the controls. It may be a bit confusing at first, but once you're getting used to, it feels great. If you prefer arcade games, you can still play Steep or Snow. Some things are still buggy, like the first screen loading time (which isn't a problem, except when you're PC thinks that the game crashed even if it didn't), bails looking weird at times and some camera issues.

There's not a lot of content yet. But being the fact that this game has been developed by only one guy and it only costs 15€, it's ok. I really hope that this game will be a success, so that it can be updated with more content, more multiplayer modes and so on.

Keep up the good work!. reminds me of xgames snowboarding back on the ps2 in terms of how hard it is to pull of a good run and how accomplished you feel when you do.
would reccomend if you like sim style sports games/ snowboard in real life. Very fun game. If you use a keyboard, like me, the difficulty is greatly increased. The physics are amazing, and reflect some real snowboarding. (Preloading take off, set up turns into jump for spins, rails) Carving in this game is so much fun! Reccomended for sure, but needs some work with keyboard controls.

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