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The Situations of Cable Tie Manufacturers in China and the Exporting Trends Next Year

The Situations of Cable Tie Manufacturers in China and the Exporting Trends Next Year

Nylon cable tie is a commonly used binding tool in our daily life. It highlights the effectiveness of the use. It greatly facilitated people’s lives.Read More

With the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for packaging products in various industries is increasing. It leads to the steady development of the cable tie manufacturer industry.

The statistical report of the tape products of the National Plastic Association points out that in 2018 alone, the sales of them in China exceeded 1 billion yuan. And the sales volume exceeded 50 million tons.

It is expected that sales in 2019 will increase by more than 100 tons in 18 years. And the whole nylon cable tie consumer market will increase year by year.

Maybe many people don’t know that many of the products made by cable tie manufacturer used by people abroad are made in China.

It’s not that they can’t produce. But because their production costs are more expensive than imports (in Africa, etc.). Some do not manufacture. It is because they are limited by domestic policies. And they do not support the production of plastic products.

Their government think plastics are polluting the environment, such as nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer. And most of them are developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Relying on the huge domestic market advantage, domestic cable tie manufacturers have developed rapidly. They are introducing advanced equipment from abroad . And they are improving the manufacturing process. So the quality of cable tie products has been greatly improved.

At present, there are thousands of registered cable tie manufacturers. Although the domestic market is very large, the situation of “insufficient feeding” is becoming more and more serious in the face of so many cable tie manufacturers.

The fierce competitive environment forces all cable tie manufacturers to improve their product competitiveness. It requires them to strive to develop new products to consolidate their own market.

At the same time, some cable tie manufacturers have opened up another way. It makes their enterprises profitable by exporting abroad. This avoids competing with thousands of cable tie enterprises in China in a disguised way.

According to the data collected by the Customs Department, by 2018, there were more than 40 countries exporting domestic cable ties. They covers both developing and developed countries.

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