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Nyctophobia Update 8 Download

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About This Game

You are stranded in desolate Lakeview Woods, plunged into darkness. As you move across unfamiliar terrain your flashlight battery drains with each passing second. Along the way you collect battery packs to keep your light burning bright so you don’t get devoured by the night.

But even greater danger lurks. “The Keeper” senses your presence in his woods. He watches and whispers secrets. You must unravel his puzzles to overcome your fear of the dark and bring back the light.

Fight the fright. Find the light.


▪Vast, immersive map filled with secrets and surprises.
▪Randomly spawned battery packs for a new experience every time.
▪Spooky 3d environment with vivid graphics.
▪Interactive storyline with cut scenes and journal feature.
▪Challenging Steam Achievements. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Nyctophobia
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Lightning Man Media
Lightning Man Media
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2015


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A minefield you can traverse by running round the back of it, an on-rails boat ride and a train station with two rooms. Push some pillars around, run to a generator and it's goodnight, god bless.

Granted, I didn't explore every inch of the map but then I'm guessing the developer didn't either because I fell through it twice.

Save yourself a playthrough and watch mine.
www.youtube.com\/watch?v=yt6qTki4dLs\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=yt6qTki4dLs<\/a>. This game sucks big time but that just makes it more hilarious. If your looking for a scare then i do NOT recommend this game unless crappy games are somehow scary to you... BUUUUUT if you are looking for some silly poorly made game to mess around with (like I was) then this game is for you.. Personally I found the game to be quite enjoyable. It's an indie game, but I thought the graphics were nice looking in game. It scared me a few times and I thought the atmosphere was really immersive. It's a good game for the price. And the achieveements are a challenge which is something I appreciate. I say give it a go.. This ultra low budget horror adventure game starts out with you having crashed your truck in the forest, upon where you immediately find a note (personally addressed to you!) from some dark forest lord named The Keeper, telling you to leave or else. However, he's kind enough to let you know in precise detail that the generator beyond the river is where he harnesses his power, but you'll never stop him anyway because you don't have the gas can, key and cable to get the generator running.

No kidding, that's what he says in his note.

I spent about 30 minutes ambling around a hideously ugly forest that mostly consists of dirt and a sparse few PS1-era trees, picking up giant battery packages to keep my flashlight running and avoiding land mines seemingly drawn in MS Paint before I decided I had enough of this game. If you tried Nyctophobia for free you'd probably be angry at the time wasted in downloading and playing it, never mind spending a fiver for this dubious privilege.

It should also be noted that this evil spirit of the forest and darkness wrote his sinister warning message on spiral bound notebook paper. Perhaps "The Keeper" is short for "The Trapper Keeper.". Played the game for about 40 minutes not finished it yet cant grumble for \u00a33.99.

If your interested in checking out my gameplay its below.

https:\/\/youtu.be\/tP-NApjOVoQ<\/a>. I've played some pretty crap horror games on Steam of late, but I'll be a monkey's nutsac if this doesn't take the\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665sprinkled crud-cake. Actually, that's a lie...Devil's Share was worse, but only by simple virtue of it crashing approximately every 23.6 seconds (praise the Lord for small mercies). This game, on the other hand, plays just fine...as long as you don't go extrapolating the word "play" into "gameplay". Do that, and you're REALLY up crap's creek. Oh, and it LOOKS like diarrhea, to boot. This would have been a sub-standard horror game by the standards of 1987 (that's PRE-Doom 1 and Resident Evil 1, by the by).

Lightning Man Media, may I suggest a quick change of company name before releasing your next effortless "masterpiece" in a fortnight-and-a-half's time? Even us die-hard horror aficionados are slowly learning not to buy every single pile of stinking horse-manure which slops across our paddocks. VERY slowly, granted, in the case of confirmed\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665heads like yours truly. But I AM learning.

To be honest, I only bought this one 'cause it was a measly five bucks and only had nine reviews to date, and it's always nice when one or two human beings actually get to read the reviews you spend more time writing than the game devs spend making their so-called "games". So I'll consider this five bucks well spent, or more accurately, five bucks well used to wipe my\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665with before I unceremoniously flushed it around the s-bend. In all frankness, a sewer drain would have been more worthy of my well-earned wads than these scoundrels.

Lightning Man Media, whatever you do, PLEASE spend my five dollars sensibly, and don't go using the proceeds of my purchase towards something silly like procuring some hard drugs which might lead to a fatal OD. The world needs your future contributions. The vitality of our beloved genre of horror gaming DEPENDS upon the tireless efforts of people like yourselves\/yourself (I'm guessing you're probably just a twelve year-old kid in his bedroom, though you may have gotten your best mate up the street to lend a hand with the admittedly nifty title screen). People like yourselves really do have Steam reviews and Youtube videos to thank for that fact that anybody is ever stupid to buy your games AT ALL.

Alas, this is one game even a PewDiePie could never love...

Verdict: 1\/10.. This game is a good time! The music and the theme ...

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