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NBA 2K19 Best Player Cards - 5 Most Overpowered Diamond and Budget Cards

NBA 2K19 Best Player Cards - 5 Most Overpowered Diamond and Budget Cards

If you have prepared an amount of buy mt and want to pick up some best players in MyTeam Auction House like Pink Diamond card, but don't ensure which players to buy, here introduces the 5 most overpowered NBA 2K19 MyTeam player cards for different positions including SF, PG and SG PF & C with a squad for your reference, hope there are some items meet your requirements.

Magic Johnson, an unbelievable defender in NBA 2K19 MyTeam, he has A inside scoring, three point scoring and perimeter defense as well as 6'9" height, which is much overpowered for the Point Guard position. This 98 overall card of Magic Johnson has big difference between his 97 overall item. 99 offense and 99 defense rating comes with 8 Hall of Fame badges and 12 Gold badges. When you get an automatic team, he is always got difficult shots and a tireless scorer. Another option for PG is Gilbert Arenas, who is one of the best fadeaway jump shooters in the game and he can actually done quite well as a defender.

Brandon Roy, the 98 overall card as well, he has 5 Hall of Fame badges and 17 Gold badges. Great shot, great dunk and great speed, he is also really nice in the game at the small forward position. Another SG option is Tracy McGrady, he can shoot from deep and dunk on everybody, he also got great ball control ability and a high block rating, which helps a lot. The 6'8" weight helps with his defense.

Lebron James, just the beast, he got 10 Hall of Fame badges and 14 Gold badges. He is almost the same size as Magic Johnson, but with better animations, 92 outside scoring, 92 inside scoring, 93 speed and 96 stamina. Another SF option is Scottie Pippen, one of the best defensive cards in the game, he can climb people up and steal the ball better. His shooting and defense will not be worse than Lebron James.

Anthony Davis, 97 overall NBA 2K19 MyTeam Pink Diamond card, he got 8 Hall of Fame badges and 16 Gold badges, the 6'10" height is also much decent. In addition, 93 outside scoring, 96 inside scoring, 91 defending and 97 rebounding, definitely an overpowered forward. Another card for PF is Kyle Kuzma, 97 overall, 99 offense and 96 defense, he is a stretch big and he is not going to do too much rebounding even though he is really fast. Check out NBA 2K19 MyCareer Mode Power Forward Build Guide to learn how to build the best PF in career mode. Click Here

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