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7 Signs Your Child Need Speech Therapy

Speech is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly especially if it is the way your little one is speaking. If you think the way your toddler speaks isn’t normal, you should immediately seek professional aid. For instance, if you live within the Middle East region, you can immediately see any good psychologist in Dubai with your child.

Having said this, today we’re going to discuss some important signs that can tell you, your child needs to see a speech therapist. Continue reading to know more about them!

Your toddler isn’t talking at all or talk too little

Naturally, children start speaking by the age of 2 ½. As per different studies, a normal toddler can understand almost 1000 words and say at least 500 words by this age. Therefore, if you feel that your child is behind this standard, you should see a speech therapist soon.

Uses only single Words

By the age of 2, a toddler should be able to combine at least two words while speaking such as ‘Mummy up, feed me’. Likewise, by the age of 3, your little one should be able to speak while combining 4 to 5 words. So, if your child lacks behind, you need to see a therapist at your earliest.

Can’t follow Simple Directions

Your toddler should be able to clearly understand, apprehend and follow simple directions. If you’re telling your kid that drink milk or here is the ball, he should be understanding them. moreover, they should be able to understand simple questions by this age. However, if you feel that your child is a slow learner, you must see a child psychologist or language pathologist.

You aren’t Able to Understand him

by the age of 2, the words the child speaks should be understood by everyone if not completely then at least 50%. Similarly, by the age of 3, this percentage should reach 75%. Still, by this age, the way your toddler speaks is very difficult to understand, then he needs medical help.

Your child Repeats the Same Words Over and Over

Similarly, if your child is repeating the same words over and over again, it’s a sign he’s not able to understand properly and is having difficulty in making those sounds. This is a clear sign that your child needs help which you aren’t able to provide. Therefore, you should see a professional.

Have trouble making certain sounds

Likewise, if your child speaks normally but isn’t able to make certain sounds, you need to take him to a speech therapist. As per the opinion of different experts for speech therapy in Dubai, the first signs of speech disorder are not being able to pronounce properly. Thus, if your child is having difficulty in making sounds take him to any good therapist in your area.

Experience Stuttering or Stammering

Additionally, if you feel that you child is suffering from some sort of speech disorder such as stammering, i.e., being stuck on a word for too long or stuttering i.e., not able to pronounce certain words, you should seek medical aid.

These are some of the most common signs that your child may be suffering from some sort of speech disorder. So, if you identify any of these issues in your little one see a medical expert.

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Comment by carlos on November 27, 2021 at 4:30am

For many people, dealing with stuttering becomes an overly drawn-out process of going to the doctor's office.

Comment by carlos on November 27, 2021 at 4:31am

keep in mind that it is not possible to cope with the problem quickly, because the person himself does not want or cannot accept that speech problems are caused precisely by psychological, and not physical reasons. If you have made it your goal to overcome stuttering, then keep in mind that psychology recommends that you first of all understand what your mental perception of the world is and what effect this perception has on your physical condition. Therefore try calmery therapy  will be helpful for you. Online communication with a psychologist will help you solve many problems


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