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Email Marketing is still a best practise for lead generation.

Yes, you heard it right; email is still one of the cheapest, targeted and faster ways to generate sales leads. But it depends on various factors, right from choosing the right email lists, pilot tests, choosing your right email services provider, using a clean script, tracking and sending repeated email messages to the list for the subscribers to adapt and gain more knowledge about the service you offer and of course honouring the unsubscribe requests and promptly attending to it data resellers usa.


Since 2006, we have been delivering customized databases to companies across US, UK, Canada and Australia and more than 75% of our clients have come back with repeated requests for custom building leads for their various marketing requirements. We have seen customers report more than 23% open rate and close to 5% click through rate from the leads we deliver.


Some of the steps you need to follow before selecting your email service providers are –


  1. How long have then been in business?

Because overnight, they cannot build a vast database, if they have not been in the market for more than 5 years, then you need to be careful in selecting these kinds of vendors, as they will be dealing with scrapped data which will have spam traps and put your server reputation under stake.


  1. Always ask for 200-500 sample leads for evaluation before making your purchase.

Make sure you try the samples before buying the leads, evaluation 5-10 sample records will just not be enough to verify the leads the seller owns, if they do not agree to provide 200+ sample data, then you might need to be careful.


  1. Try a small batch before sending campaign to the complete file you bought.

It’s always a safe practice to do your warm up using a small portion of the file you bought, to understand its behaviour before loading the complete file and getting blacklisted with your email service provider.


  1. Verify the emails before each campaign.

Yes, we always suggest our clients to verify the email data they have before each campaign, there are multiple companies who offer email verification service at affordable pricing and it’s always better to verify the file before the campaign. For example, a file that gave 95% delivery rate in March, was loaded again in April which gave only 84% delivery, this is can be because of many reasons, including company going out of business, contact no longer in the company, email security policy change by the hosting provider. With this changing ratio in delivery, it would have a negative impact on the emails we send, hence always verify the file before you send.


  1. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t see much of reactions from your initial email drop from the acquired DB.

Yes, lot of our clients come back to us after their initial email drop stating they see very little response from their initial drop, our reply to them is reach them 2-3 times to see the difference.


You’re completely in a new territory reaching new subscriber base, unless you’re initial email campaign goes with an irresistible offer, you cannot expect high response rate. 2-3 email campaigns to the file on a regular basis and effectively managing bounces, unsubscribe requests can certainly see a significant improvement in results.


We can offer you 5000 targeted leads with verified direct email addresses and phone numbers of contacts within any target specification you prefer and we assure high ROI with lead guarantees. Try our sample data now https://b2bdataquest.com/offers/

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