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What Men Secretly Want is an eBook that shows you a technique called the Respect Principle to enhance and preserve your relationships. It is not a method by which you will manipulate or change men to fit your needs. Rather, you will work on yourself to be the best you can be for him. The course focuses on changing your inner voice and mindset, and then showing you how to use the techniques to your benefit. It is a system where you change yourself for the greater good of your relationship.


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No book and no coaches can give an understanding of the psychology of relationships to someone who has no experience. Real dating experience is important even if it is negative.

Yes, experience is needed .. But it is very difficult to get it without negativity .. Do you know what brilliant people came up with? They came up with a dating site, click for info. This is the classic version. There are no additional fees and you can start with the usual online flirting in the chat. You can choose among anuket participants or wait for someone to respond to you.. you can interrupt communication at any moment.. This is why I love such resources.

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