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Know "solar panels" before attaching the roof of the house Which one should I choose?

Solar panel Alternative energy sources are of great interest today. Because solar energy can be converted to generate electricity Just install solar panels on the roof of the house or the building. But the solar panels that are sold through various agents There are many types Therefore should study the preliminary information Before choosing to buy and use

How many sizes of solar panels are there and which type should I use?
Solar panel Photovoltaics Module is rectangular photovoltaic panels that are placed together to form "solar panels" that generate electricity. It is made from crystalline silicon that has the main properties for solar exposure And turn it into electrical energy It is a clean energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide. Does not affect the environment And the earth's atmosphere This is the reason why solar panels are becoming so popular today.

Solar panel Available in many designs and sizes. According to the purpose of use For in Thailand There are 3 types of solar panels that are most popular. Which has different properties as follows

Solar panel Monocrystalline type (Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells)
Made from pure cylindrical silicon, high cost, top quality grade. Have high power generation efficiency Even in low light conditions Has a service life of more than 25 years, but the price is quite high.
Solar panel Polycrystalline type (Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells)
It has a square shape, does not cut corners, the production is not very complicated. Make it cheaper But it has less power generation properties than the first Therefore suitable for installation in the high temperature environment Has a service life of about 20-25 years
Thin Film Solar Cells
Made from amorphous silicon and other substances. By putting it in a film It has the lowest power generation properties and is therefore inexpensive but not suitable for use in confined spaces. The service life is shorter than other types.

How many watts does the solar panel have, how many volts, and how much power can it produce?
In general, solar panels Usually 12 volts and 24 volts are used, the most popular are 12V 300W and 250W panels (12 volts, 300 watts and 250 watts), but how many solar panels are most effective? That watt It depends on many factors. Both on type, size and number of panels Which resulted in uneven running current Which if the installation has a good production and control system It may be able to produce a maximum of about 4,500 units of electricity per year ever.

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I thought that there was only one solar panel, not that it had so many variants, more than knowing what type of panel to choose someone knows what type of Battery chargers helps me more in managing the energy that my panel produces to pass them to a backup battery is I want to store energy but I don't know how to make any suggestions.

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