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TankBlitz Ativador

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About This Game

TankBlitz is a brutal run and gun tank game with four playable tanks, each having access to four unique weapons and dozens of upgrades. You blast your way through twelve ha 5d3b920ae0

Title: TankBlitz
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Onur Vural and Leigh Christian
Onur Vural
Release Date: 21 Apr, 2017


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Flash game ported on Steam. Very poor graphics and wonky controls.. It's a fun little shoot them dead arcadish tank game. My favorite part is simply running over enemy soldiers with the tank. I feel guily, but it's so much fun.. As the title says, it's a tank blitz game with a bunch of upgrades and some humor tossed in.. Man.this got its claws in me! Short form of this game: It's basically an action-oriented tank game with a camp-tastic story (but thats the whole entire darn point!), a solid progression system, and buttery smooth controls. Some people reported performance issues in fullscreen, I haven't ran into any of them tbh, but then again it could have been patched. Still what I really appreciated it was the little things! Normally I could usually care less about achievements. NOT IN THIS GAME! They give you premium currency which allows you to buy advanced upgrades, ranging from OP variants of your existing kit, to tesla coils, hacking kits, nuclear missiles, and more! That's what kept me playing for so dang long. I only beat the last mission when my zenith tank was more or less almost at full power. The achievements were optional, but they reward you for actually taking time to do them, and I had a blast getting them. Each weapon has a skill based element to them, Missiles need careful aiming or else you waste some of the rarest ammo in the game, Cannons get Gears of War style active reloads, machine guns have heat management (though the hotter they run, the faster they fire) and mortar charge determines where it lands I like the balance of difficulty, I can see some complaining that it's easy, but if you arent careful your tank can easily be melted down, especially on higher difficulties Did I mention buttery smooth controls? I had very little problem aiming, shooting, and moving my tanks around (well except the mammoth but that's on purpose) Best two bucks I've probably spent on steam.. As the title says, it's a tank blitz game with a bunch of upgrades and some humor tossed in.

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