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Root Of Evil: The Tailor Key Serial

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The story is about a case happened 20 years ago!
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Title: Root Of Evil: The Tailor
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
EastFog Studios
EastFog Studios
Release Date: 9 Dec, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit/ Windows 8 64 Bit/ Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Processor: Core i5 processor or equivalent

English,Russian,French,German,Korean,Simplified Chinese

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English was a little confusing at times but it didn't stop my enjoyment. I bought it for a low price and considering this is the work of one person. Its good. The jump scares got me, hate to admit it but they did :D Best low priced game I've bought in a while.. It was enjoyable. I liked the puzzles in it and the hidden symbols.. AWESOME GAME DEEP AF. Game ha c nhng i cu hnh cng kh cao.. It seems almost like a cop out. Right from the get go, "Root of Evil: The Tailor" seems insistent on reminding players that the game was created by only a single creator. This is neither here nor there since a great many other indy games ('Sally Face' for example) are of the same authorial vein these days and as such a disclaimer of this kind feels a little redundant. Disclaimer aside, the game itself is quite an involving puzzler. Ushering the player through an interconnected collection of escape rooms made up to resemble the downstairs floor of an early twentieth century town house, the story unfolds through a selection of unlocked memories that are gleaned from solving conundrums. It's a simple formula of "enter room-discover you're trapped-discover puzzle-solve puzzle-progress". Eventually this can get a little repetitive and impatient gamers may get frustrated by the often erratic nature of play. Much like 'Curse' or 'You Deserve', this is an investigative experience and as such problem solving and attention to detail take presidence over freneticism and tension. This is not to say that the puzzles themselves are not engaging or interesting. In this age of pandering to the lowest common demoninator, it is refreshing to see a puzzle game that expects a certain degree of player initiative. It's just that a little action for variety wouldn't go a miss. There are a few decent jump scares to be sure, though players needen't concern themselves too much with these encounters as, unlike so many other games that deal with the supernatural, they don't result in sudden death. Graphically, it is impressive overall. The environments are all well constructed and intricately designed, making good use of both atmosphere and sense of space. The character sprites on the other hand feel a little under-developed and at times appear to have been adapted from a SIMS emulator, which is a shame as the story (though not always grammatically sound) is still interesting enough to maintain a prolonged interest. The only real problem with this game is that is VERY linear. While each room has within it about three or four different puzzles, it can be most annoying to find yourself having to circumvent the whole gaming environment multiple times in order revisit the same room and complete the next puzzle. This also isn't helped by the fact that the causality could do with some tweaking as well. It can get a little exasperating when you have to wait for the game to play catch up and provide you with the next tool or enabler so that you can complete a puzzle (especially in those rooms where you must first identify to the AI that you know you can not progress). All in all, for a first draft game by a single programmer, "Root of Evil: The Tailor" is a worthy indy title. As repetitive and frustrating as it can sometimes be, the level of effort and hard work that has gone into the development of this title is still very evident and for that reason alone it is at least worth a look. Passion project or not, it also can be completed in under an hour, so committed gamers should have little trouble getting through it. If something of this quality can be developed by a single person, imagine what this developer could do with a troupe of equally competent staff? It is in that ponderence that gamers will find the most worth in this game.. game hi st khung hnh tht thng, c ng cn cng cha nhy, tuy nhin l sn phm kh tt, ngi Vit lm game khi u th ny l tt lm ri mong b c gng hn na, ng h b, ng h ngi Vit :) chc b thnh cng. Bought the game since it had 60 reviews and 100% Positive yet when i scrolled down i realized that wasnt so true and after play for a few mins it was a puzzle game and i had thatjust scare me you

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