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Setting up an e-commerce business has different approaches. Each of them has its prominence in their specific manner, and that is something everyone new or already a seller ought to consider when selecting their preferred e-commerce startup. One of the emerging eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Qoo10, could be the ideal place for you to enhance your business. eCommerce these days has a huge potential in every region, including Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. Qoo10 is one of the most loved marketplaces in southern Asia and is soon emerging as one of the one-stop-search for anything and everything.


To develop the Qoo10 as an online marketplace in Singapore, Southern Asia's most loved online marketplace was launched as a joint venture between Gmarket founder Young Bae and eBay Inc. in 2010. Southern and Southeast Asia are considered superstar reasons for eCommerce growth and expansion. Considering the low penetration rate of mobile and internet in some of the southeast Asian countries, for example, Indonesia, more online marketplaces are expected to come into existence.


While there are already numerous online marketplaces available, numerous sellers might be apprehensive about opting for Qoo10. Here are some of the advantages of creating an account on Qoo10 that may influence the sellers' viewpoint. Everything is online in the present computerized world, be it perusing products online, making online purchases, etc. It's imperative to learn the selling process at Qoo10. Qoo10 already has web visits of approximately 6.65 million every month. In this manner, sellers don't have to struggle to establish their online presence. They can leverage the already available network of buyers on Qoo10. You need to learn step by step guide to register on Qoo10.


While the more excellent aspect of the online platforms and especially eCommerce platforms have a fee associated with login, it's free to register a store on Qoo10 retailers. Registering for the seller account is accessible on Qoo10. Sellers can settle their concerns concerning store registration. The icing on the cake is that sellers are not liable to pay the product listing fees. Remaining connected is the new standard and essential aspect of the present time. Qoo10 offers a Live messaging application for the sellers to connect and converse with the buyers. Sellers don't have to endure the hassle of everyday operations as the Sales Manager at Qoo10 takes care of the order tracking, listing your products, and shipping aspects. Click here for MediaOne tips.

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