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How to gamble for rich By using the golden rules that casinos don't want you to know

Professional gambling is one way to help you earn a lot of money from entering a casino or playing online casinos. Especially with Thai people, we like to gamble a lot. Until being one of the games that has been paired with society for a long time Both playing at a large level, earnestly in foreign casinos Or playing folk with neighbors

But the way to gamble for sure money Many people do not study properly and tend to play too dependent on fate. Therefore, the result is a guarantee that GCLUB gambling will receive money from it or not. In this article, we will look at ways to help you gamble and win money สล็อตออนไลน์

Gambling rules between casinos and players

This gambling rule is always the case. And it is the truth Therefore, before you play gambling games with casinos no matter where. You should always keep in mind this rule, which consists of 2 items:

In the long run, casinos will always win.

Many people are wondering why the first rule says that in the long run, casinos always win. That is because the various casino systems have been put in place for the casino to have an advantage over the players in the long run. Both the loss rate of players already high And casino rules that can give yourself an advantage to players

In short, sometimes the player wins the casino.

In short-term gambling, players may sometimes win the casino. With various probable reasons that there is a possibility Therefore, there are those who have played and can take turns in turns.

Basic rules for gambling to make money from casinos.

We already know that casinos will always win in the long run. But in the short term, sometimes players get from casinos so we came out as a basic, simple playing rule to get money from casinos that is


Once you have played and gained profits from the casino until satisfied. Should rest first, don't just continue playing Otherwise, you may get the casino to take back the profits.

Damaged, do not rest, to compound

Many people miss each other very much at this point when playing to the casino. Tend to think of getting back the money and then play harder and lose all the best way is when you lose, rest your hands first and let your mind become more calm. In order to be mindful of playing and come back to win the casino

Chance of gambling and winning

In this section, we will discuss the opportunities that we gamble with casinos and win. Both in the short and long term how much win rate and to understand that we can gamble to get rich. What do we need to know?

Chance to win a long-term bet

Long-term gambling with casinos is all mathematically calculated, regardless of whether the casino is always profitable. Because the player's losing rate is higher than the win rate

For example, the easiest to understand images is roulette game. There are 37 numbers, 1 - 37. If the player chooses 1 number, the ball will land on that number. Playing will have a chance of winning at 2.7% or in 100 times to win only 2-3 times. This number is from (1/37) X100. That means that casinos are more likely to win if players play a lot.

Chance to win short-term gambling

Chances of winning in short-term gambling are calculated and it has almost no statistical effect because if playing a few games, it really depends on the luck or loss.

The result of gambling or losing

Results in gambling there are two things: "get" and "lose". We can't make a prediction about whether to win or lose. Because there may be consecutive wins or losing together Or may lose alternately throughout the game Therefore, to profit from gambling requires other strategies as well. Including the formula for money management will also help you make a profit as well.

Don't think that you have to win all the time.

In order to gamble for a lot of money, you don't have to think about winning all the time. Therefore, if there is a loss and some loss, keep calm. If you can still control the mind. And find a method that suits you, you can still make a profit from gambling.

We now know the rules of gambling. And know that we can't always win So the next thing to think about in order to get profit is these 2 things.

Set a goal for how much and then stop playing.

Set goals for how much to lose to stop.

Setting a simple goal can set a daily target of how much you can afford or lose today, such as setting a goal for today or losing 500 baht to stop immediately.

If you win a jackpot of 1,000 baht, you can say that you have reached your goal of 500 baht. The remaining 500 is a special bonus. If you stop playing now, you will get a profit of 1,000 baht. May lose the casino 200 baht, equal to profits reduced to 800 baht, or if you continue to play in the long term, according to the rules that we know that casinos will always win players, you may be insane.

If you follow this article strictly I can say that In the short term you have a chance to win for sure. But don't forget to prevent the loss that will occur by setting Target for loss And the goal for winning Don't gamble in the hope of winning. Because your hopes will keep you playing until you lose


In this paragraph, I would like to summarize that if you definitely want to get rich from gambling, do the following:

  • Set goals Both the desired profit target And the goal of losing how much to stop
  • Once you set a goal, you must follow it very seriously.
  • When all the waste has been completed, stop. Don't think back.
  • In the long run, when playing for a long time, casinos will always win.
  • In short, you have the opportunity to win casinos and make profits from gambling.

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