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Original Title: Cat Run 2

Genge: Action,Comedy




































Gritty and action-packed, Cat Run 2 stars the seductive Winter Ave Zoli (Sons of Anarchy), as a high-end call girl with a secret military connection. Better than ever, Scott Mechlowicz and Alphonso McAuley return as Anthony and Julian, the unlikely team of bumbling, up-and-coming private detectives. After a "sex party" turned massacre leaves Julian's cousin in trouble, the wannabe detective team takes on the case and discovers a military secret they wish they hadn't. This sexy, thrilling, epic will leave you at the edge of your seat!
This director John Stockwell did made some nice films like blue crush & into the blue with Paul walker & now this lame efforts why is he doing this he could have just use his skills else where sadly he is directing lame scripts these days the first one cat run 2011 which started Paz Vega was somehow tolerable but this is even worse.

I am not sure under what category should this film go into seriously is this a spy,buddy cop comedy or simply a nonsense genre one if one could think of it.

Remember those soft core films that used to came in 90s this film tried to ape those & failed hard specially the parody of famous action films by Andy Sidaris it is 2014 originality lacks here so many things are lifted from previous hit films like bad boys 2 of will smith & the biggest surprise was the appearance of iron man suite a woman was inside her instead of tony stark if marvel or Disney company catches this film these guys are in trouble.

The story of this is the same of the first installment plus & why is this called cat run 2 Catalina is not even in this film but it does have few naked chicks & some gun shooting everything is repeated again.

The Plot:Tatiana & 2 fake detectives uncover a mystery that involves high level personnel including the military.

The Cast:i wont name all of them all male actors are annoying but highlights are the women here i have to mention Maria Rogers she has the best body ever the only lady i rooted for when she was blazing guns.

Hard to say but this is the truth John Stockwell level has fallen in a pit he is about to direct the reboot of kick boxer i have no hope left Jean Claude Van Damme Must be angry over this.

There are plenty of good chick flicks out there better then this even Charlie's angles is good you name it.

Overall Cat Run 2 2014 is a forgotten sequel along with its predecessor my rating is 3/10. Nothing like watching a flick were a girl gets into a gun battle wearing nothing but a pair of boots.

The two detectives from the first movie are back. This time with a new cat (the old one does not do straight-to-video, I guess) on the run.

Replacing the beautiful scenery of Serbia, with a not as nicely shoot New Orleans, This time a hot stripper steals blue prints from an army base and is being hunted for them.

Antony and Julian come into the case when the Julian's cousin, who was there when the whole thing went down, needs his help to figure out what happen.

It's far cheesier and pokes fun at itself and the original movie by being far more over the top, but that's what makes it fun.

Julian seems to get to be the better detective in this film, and this time both Antony and Julian get love interest.

The movie also dabbles in the area of superhero movie with the new Cat having a Wolverine style origin, and a villain who looks like a reject from an Iron Man movie. You usually don't use the term "jumping the Shark" when it comes to movies, but this bad boy changed genres and becomes a complete different, outrageous, element, but I found the whole thing noting but hilarious.

I really liked it. I found it interesting in ways that differ and the first one.


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