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Canon Printer Setup | Install New App, Drivers From Canon

Before performing the installation and download process of the canon printer, the Printer is to be unboxed and connected to the computer as well as with the main power board with the help of an appropriate cable.


  1. The first step is to insert the Printer Driver Software CD-ROM inside the CD-ROM DRIVE.
  2. Then make a double click on the icon [my computer] -> the CD-ROM DRIVE icon.
  3. Now, Make a double click on the following folders: [PCL] OR [UFRII] -> [uk-eng].
  4. To start the installation process, the user is required to make a double click on the [Setup.exe] icon for getting started with the installation process.
  5. Now, Click on the NEXT button in the dialogue box of PCL/UFR II Printer Driver Setup Wizard.
  6. It is very important for the user to carefully read the license agreement that appears on their screen. Here, Click on the YES option if you agree to the terms which have been mentioned in it.
  7. Then click on the option ' Manually Set Port to Install’ and then click on Next.

If you have got an installation of Canon Driver Information Assist Service and also using an operating system that is equipped with Windows Firewall, and when a dialogue box then appears, click on YES or NO.


If the user selects the option YES, Windows Firewall will be configured for unblocking the connection for Canon Driver Information Assist Service. This will then let you set up the printer configuration automatically or use the Job Accounting feature.


When the user selects the option NO, he/she will not be able to use the  Canon Printer/Setup  Assist Service.

  1. Then, select NEXT button. A screen will reflect if the required drivers have been installed already by using the installer. Here, make a click on one of the options under the heading that says ' Process to Install Printer Driver', and then click on Next.



  • You can simultaneously install a new driver and update existing drivers.
  • One can also add a new driver without influencing the existing drivers.
  • You can update the existing drivers without adding a new one.
  1. Click on the printer drivers that you wish to get installed from the PRINTER LIST, then select - ADD.

The printer drivers that the user has selected will then get added to the PRINTER LIST FOR DRIVER INSTALLATION.

  1. Make sure that the printer drivers that you plan to install is chosen in the PRINTER LIST FOR DRIVER INSTALLATION and then click NEXT.
  2. Now, select a port.

         For setting up a standard port, one needs to:

  • Click on the printer port you wish to use from PORT.

              For setting up a port for a network printer:

  • Choose the ADD PORT option.
  • Click on ADD PORT dialogue box, then select NETWORK, and then click on OK.
  • Click on network printer, then click OK.

                If you wish to add a port:

  • Select ADD PORT
  • Choose the printer port that you want to add from ADD PORT dialogue box, then click OK.

 Then specify the settings for the port which you want to add in the dialogue box that gets displayed, then select OK.


  1. Type in the printer name in the given field, then click NEXT.
  2. Verify the settings of installation and then click on the START option.
  3. Once the files are copied, make a click on the EXIT option for finishing the installation process.


Restart the computer when a pop-up message asks you to do so. The user can then find the printer icon displayed in the Printer folder. This means that the driver has now been INSTALLED.

           Source URL: https://contactfor-guide.com/


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