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Preventive care can go a long way for the prevention of diseases, as well as treating those that may be detected at early stages. What this does is ensure your health remains in its prime for as long as possible. Routine care while seemingly unimportant and relatively inconspicuous in the world of medical care, really can do wonders in the long run.

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For adults:

Quite a number of services are part of the overall process. Those that pertain specifically to adults include abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening services, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screening, depression screening, HIV screening, syphilis and HIV screening as well as screening for Type 2 Diabetes. Along with this, immunization vaccines, diet counselling, as well as counselling for important issues like the prevention of sexually transmitted infections is also part and parcel of preventive care services.

For women:

There are a number of diseases conditions women are prone towards at levels considerably higher than men. For this reason, a number of preventive care services pertain to women. In order to aid in the early detection of conditions such as breast cancer that can be fatal if detected late, counselling for mammography and chemoprevention are carried out. Counselling for a range of other issues that are very important such as breastfeeding, contraception, domestic as well as interpersonal violence is included in preventive care. Furthermore, screening for anemia, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, gestational diabetes and Rh incompatibility is also included. Other than the extensive list of services mentioned, certain items and services that are geared for the facilitation of pregnant women also form part of it.

For children:

Services form part of routine care for children are quite comprehensive ranging all the way from immunization vaccines to behavioral assessments and just about anything and everything in between. Prominent services included are screenings for autism, depression, developmental delays, dyslipidemia, and lead for those that may have a risk of exposure. Hearing screening is also conducted for newborns, and is repeated a few times later in life.
Through the course of routine care the aim is to conduct an assessment of health conditions of individuals, thereby highlighting any areas that need improvement. The result is a long and healthy life, which without a doubt is the greatest gift of all.


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